Medical Laboratory Owners Association has the following activities:

  • Creates friendship and fellowship among the Laboratory owners in the State of Kerala
  • Upgrades the Quality of the Laboratory Services in order to provide uniform standards of service to the clients.
  • Provides Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CMIE) to the Laboratory Professionals and prepare them for any kind of regulatory measures.
  • Creates awareness among the Laboratory Owners about the importance of the human service under taken through laboratory services.
  • Implements a recognized code of ethics for the laboratory personnel.
  • Liaisons with the Government and law making authorities for the effective protection of Medical Laboratories and the professionals working there.
  • Improves the social and cultural status of the owners and laboratory personnel.
  • Mediates and settles disputes or controversy between the members of the Association or arbitrates in the settlement of disputes between parties. The parties should abide by the judgment or Award of the association.
  • Does all other acts which may directly or indirectly help the cause of the private laboratories and its personnel and the furtherance of the declared objectives of the association.
  • The Association can also acquire properties, buildings and assets and can also alter, modify add to or demolish any such building to implement and establish the objectives.