Medical Laboratory Owners Association was formed in the year 2012 out of the desire to create friendship and fellow ship among Laboratory Owners to serve the interests and needs of Medical laboratory owners. The association intends to promote the image of Medical laboratory owners, to provide for their professional development and welfare, and to enhance public health.

The main objective of the Association is to upgrade the quality of the Laboratory Services to provide uniform standards of service to the clients. Educational workshops, clinics, and seminars are conducted throughout the state under the aegis of the association to educate and train the laboratory owners. In addition, we provide technical programs to educate and train the entire laboratory staff also. The association also intends to provide Continuing Medical education (CME) to the laboratory professionals and prepare them for any kind of regulatory measures.

The Lab Owners Association also aims to create awareness among the Laboratory Owners about the importance of services to the public through Medical Laboratories. Members can also take advantage of peer to peer networking at various meetings and social events of the association.

Our Mission

To effectively represent the interests of the members and provide a range of professional services to support and develop their businesses.

Our aims

  • Support and implement initiatives to improve standards of work and materials in the profession.
  • Inform and advise members of the latest industry developments and how they will affect their laboratory.
  • Encourage schemes which help to improve the technical and general knowledge of all those working in the field of Medical technology.
  • Lobby relevant government bodies and liaise with other organisations to protect the interests of the industry.
  • Promote the membership to the medical lab profession.